EYST Conference

I participated in the EYST Conference on ‘Building Resilience to Extremism and Exploitation’ on 28 November 2018. This took place in the Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff.  I co-presented a paper on ‘Countering Smartphone Jihad: New Approaches to Radicalisation, Religious Extremism and Community Dynamics’ (with Prof. Gary R. Bunt).    This is a selection of… Read More

Building Resilience to Extremism and Exploitation Conference

I’m participating in the EYST Conference on Building Resilience to Extremism and Exploitation in Cardiff on 28 November 2018. This will take place in the Temple of Peace at Cathays Park. There’s a range of speakers looking at issues associated with far-right extremism, religious extremism and child sexual exploitation across South Wales. I am co-presenting (with… Read More