Dr Yvonne Howard-Bunt brings over 30 years of experience in fields associated with race and ethnic relations, mediation, conflict resolution and intercultural communication.  She worked extensively as a trainer and mentor for multi-agency platforms, prior to completing her doctorate. Her study of racism, conflict, and community relations drew together Yvonne’s collective experience and knowledge into an academic framework. Yvonne has been a board member for diverse organisations, and has engaged in a consultancy capacity training in inner-city settings. She is currently writing books representing her personal experience of racism from childhood through to the present day, as well as advising on policy and procedure for organisations and under-represented groups.

Yvonne’s work and research brings together lived day-to-day experience, within homogeneous and diverse inner-city and rural neighbourhoods. This involved learning to mediate boundaries of race and social exclusion within economically deprived neighbourhoods. Yvonne worked in low paid unskilled employment for a time, prior to starting her educational journey. This resulted in unique friendships and perspectives on community relations. This enculturation and participation developed a familiarity with divergent values and accepted norms. Yvonne provides an understanding of historical and contemporary group dynamics and intercultural interpersonal communication.